Human capital advising for small and medium-sized organizations

What we do

Serve as Chief Human Capital Advisor
Create competitive employee compensation structures and benefit programs (total compensation)
Design strategic HR programs tailored to your organization
Build performance management solutions linked to organizational success
Measure and increase employee engagement at all levels and use it to increase organizational effectiveness
Analyze HR strategy and operations for currency and competitiveness
Support the success of your existing HR team
Build high-performing HR teams
Develop talent with integrated training programs
Key team member search (clients only)

Coaching Services

Leadership Development Coaching – We work with current and emerging leaders to understand strengths, derailers, and leadership styles.

Development Coaching – We work with individuals to advance careers by understanding how others perceive them, developing specific and relevant goals, and creating practical plans to get there.

Success Coaching – We work with new key hires to get off to a strong start via culture integration, goal-setting, and action planning.

Performance Coaching – We work with individuals in precarious job situations to protect employment.

Career Coaching – We help individuals who are in transition, underemployed, or having challenges getting the right position. Coaching can include soft, hard, and social skill discussions, resume and LinkedIn profile development, job search strategies, and interview practice.

Oyster Summary for Download

Partnering with Oyster increases your organization’s success by building a bridge between where you are and where you want to be.

Contact Oyster for a complimentary one-hour consultation to discuss your challenges.

What’s Oyster been doing lately for clients?

  • Growth planning and leadership development
  • Identifying organizational needs
  • Creating a corporate university
  • Supporting a merger of two organizations
  • Running HR while recruiting for a head of HR (multiple clients)
  • Creating and updating compensation structures
  • Conducting a member engagement survey for a membership organization
  • Creating individual compensation analyses for C-Levels
  • Coaching on success and performance
  • Recruiting in challenging markets (clients only)

Work with us to confirm that your people are your human capital – not just your employees. Or work with us on regular basis to have a human capital advisor at your leadership table. You can also use OD in a Box  for a jump start.

OD in a Box

A strategic assessment
The assessment includes a review of your current plan and goals, or the creation of them.
An employee engagement initiative
The initiative includes an employee survey (in person or using a tool from one of the industry leaders, depending on size), and report-outs to the CEO, leadership team, and employees
Leadership 360s and coaching
A 360 collects feedback from relationships around each leader using a tool from a best-in-class provider. Each leader receives three hours of coaching addressing gaps and goals based on the 360 results.
A 12-month action plan
The action plan is a plan to implement change based on what you learn from the engagement initiative and the leadership 360s. These are actionable and substantive changes that lead to measurable and meaningful success.
A performance plan template that links every employee to your strategies and goals.
Not having a performance tool is like following a map without knowing your destination. Using an old performance tool is like trying to use an old telephone with a dial as a cell phone. The right tool is easy to use, links every employee to your strategic plan, and has every team member pulling in the same direction. Looking for success? That’s where to find it.

Why does OD matter?

Associations. Why? You are in a fight for organizational excellence to maintain your relevance.

OD does that. 

Mergers & Acquisitions. Why? Change can crush organizational culture.

OD rebuilds that.

Organizations who want to grow. Why? You can’t grow without the right strategy and without your people behind it.

OD supports that. 

Organizations focused on success. Why? If people truly are your most valuable asset…

OD demonstrates that.

Oyster does that.

Successful organizations have a plan, capable leaders, and engaged employees… with everyone working toward the same goals.

Looking for success? That’s where to find it.