Blue Jean Oyster

Because It’s Not Just a Job

Through Blue Jean Oyster, our consultants provide career coaching and training in the communities we serve. Most programs are on Tuesdays and are free to individuals. Blue Jean Oyster also considers requests for assistance from small, community-focused non-profits.

Blue Jean Oyster in the Community

“Oyster took the time to facilitate a teamwork workshop for us at our Saturday retreat. They used DiSC to help us understand the different personality types, and how knowing your audience can transform success. We are a Christian organization, and they also incorporated our Spiritual Gifts Assessment results. And before I knew it, we were talking strategy. That’s a big deal because our strategy changes lives. We prevent local human trafficking, we disrupt it, and we restore survivors by walking alongside them. The need is great, and Oyster invested in our team.”


Kim Luckabaugh
Executive Director, Reset180

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