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Customer Creation

Customer Creation & a Tribute to Richard Shaw I am thinking a lot about customer care this week. I think about this topic frequently because it plays a major role in the analyses we do for our clients when we help them increase their success. But I was a customer a lot last week, and

Change this year’s success trajectory

One thing leaders can do now to change this year’s success trajectory We are in Week 2 of 2019. And many of us started the new year with formal or informal resolutions. But Entrepreneur estimates that only 9.2% of people stick with their new year’s resolutions.* I’m going to share one you can commit to

Don’t Look for Easy When it Comes to People

 Easy sells. That’s because we all want every product and service to be easy to implement and to drive immediate success. But when people are involved, easy is just a myth. People just can’t be simplified. If you are a hiring organization, it’s fairly easy to find a person, but it takes work to find

Design Thinking for Organizational Development

Design thinking has become a buzzword over the past few years—maybe you’ve heard of it. Companies ranging from Airbnb, Jet Blue, GE Healthcare to Hyatt have all used design thinking methodology to rethink how their organizations are meeting customer needs and organizational effectiveness. But design thinking isn’t just for designers; it’s one part of taking

Happy New Year!

I know. It seems like an odd time to say that, but if you run a business or lead an organization, it’s not. I feel like it was just July 4th. Now suddenly it’s October and Oyster Organizational Development is turning its attention to fall. For us that specifically means turning our attention to business

What is Organizational Development?

What exactly is OD? I get asked this question nearly every time I talk about my field, which is daily since I joined Oyster OD as a business partner. What’s odd is that frequently I’m asked this by people working in the related HR field. Scholars and practitioners in the OD field describe OD in

Good Pay, Good People

Good Pay, Good People In a recent blog I talked about the gap between our pay increase expectations and reality, as well as how compensation gets set. In this one let’s address earning expectations. A lot of people tell me they are thinking that all they need is another degree, another certificate, or just a

Compensation: Important, Misunderstood, and Problematic

“Would you believe what my pay increase was?” That’s normally how the conversation starts. Someone is angry and wants me to help. But I startle him when I guess the percentage of his pay increase within a decimal or two. How? Because normally compensation is planned, and companies and HR people like me have reasons

Organizational Success by Design