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I’m Not J. Lo

Giving Access to Unexpected Coaches. I recently had two nice events to attend and decided new earrings were in order. I’m not too fancy, so...

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The Magic Hard Hat

To understand why employee engagement is a precursor to strategic planning, let’s look at what real engagement looks like, using two powerful examples.  The first...

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The Compensation Crush

Compensation is hot. Why? There is an intense desire by many organizations to make sure their pay practices are equitable and fair. In fact, it’s...

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Another Curve We Better Flatten

Everyone learned about flattening the curve during COVID-19. But there’s another curve too many people ignore and if we’re not careful, it will flatten us....

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Ensuring Forward Motion

I want to share a few surprising and recurring statements that should make senior leaders in two industries pause – the third one is courtesy...

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Acquiring Talent vs. Recruiting

In today’s talent-driven world, many organizations are still recruiting, as opposed to strategically acquiring talent. Here are some recruitment red flags: • Long job postings...

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Executive Team Tune-Ups

Sit back and imagine yourself sitting with your team—executive, management, departmental. Now imagine that you and your team are a car. This car might be...

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